January 11, 2008

filler: a game

Not much activity lately, but all for a good cause. After negotiating with various sponsors (the game’s been more or less done since mid-December), I released my first sponsored game today: filler. I had several offers on the table upwards of a couple of thousand dollars, but in the end I decided to go with a non-exclusive sponsorship from Kongregate. The game will be living on their site exclusively for a week or so before I start an upload-fest and try to get it as widely distributed as possible (which will bring in even more money via MochiAds). Because Kongregate offers non-exclusive sponsorships (meaning I can resell ad-free, site-locked versions to individual portals), I’m eventually expecting to make several thousand dollars off of this game. I may do a longer post-mortem later, but for now it just feels so good to have it out there.

Note: I shrunk it down so it would fit in this blog pane (I’ve made a mental note to fix that later). The actual game dimensions are 600×500, so don’t tax your eyes too badly playing it here! You can see a bigger version at one of my ugly temporary pages here.

(Editor's note: click here for the updated HTML5 build).