flash. the game that started it all. got to #1 on digg when that was a cool thing. probably launched my game dev career. still pretty fun! never thought anyone would make it past level 15, so i never bothered to write a victory screen. ooooooops

14 years and counting:


I built the game in a couple of weeks in December on a tiny little 8.9" netbook using the Flex compiler. It had no art and only a few sound effects purchased off of SoundRangers.

I shopped it around and fielded 3-4 sponsorship offers.


I ended up going with Kongregate as the sponsor and released the game in January (release post here). You can download that version and run it with the desktop Flash Player, but sadly Flash is kaput on the web. I wrote about the whole saga of finding a sponsor in a mega-post that I resurrected here.

Did you know things could go viral in 2008? #1 on Digg!

Over the next year or so, I sold somewhere around 20 individual site licenses when that was thing. The game made pretty good money! I also posted quite a few recaps that I decided to resurrect from my old WordPress blog:


Released Filler 2 (TODO: rebuild that). Released Filler for iPhone. Released Filler for XBox Indie Games.



Filler is still cranking along on the web!

...and still limping along on mobile.


Filler removed from iOS App Store in the 64-bit purge. It never did well enough to justify rebulding it, but I was thinking about it.


Tinkered with rebuilding the game in Unity as a PC game.


End of life for Flash... makes me sad.

New life as an HTML5 game!