January 01, 2008

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008

It was a pretty busy year–I finished my Master’s thesis, graduated, moved to California, and started a new job. I got my passport and went to Greece for two weeks. I released one (albeit not very entertaining) game, learned a load about the flash game business in general, and won a BarCamp application contest (for Bike vs Car). I took up biking to work,went kayaking a lot, fishing a couple of times, hiking a lot, and camping a lot–and I’m actually in better shape now than I was a year ago at this time. I consolidated my student loans, opened an IRA, started putting a little money onto Prosper, and just yesterday opened a high-interest savings account at WaMu. Though it’s not a new development, she’d kick me if I didn’t mention that I have a fantastic girlfriend.

In short, I lead a pretty charmed life. I was trying to think up resolutions yesterday and all I could think of was to keep on doing what I’m doing. After sleeping on it, I figured I could enumerate that a little better. So here are some concrete goals for 2008:

  • Finish paying down my college credit card (high interest), which is still sitting at around $1800.
  • Put as much into my Roth IRA as possible before April
  • Max out the full amount for next year.
  • Put $100 a month into Prosper
  • Bike to work at least two days a week on average (but aim for three)
  • Catch a fish in California
  • Release six flash games (including the one I’m hoping to publish later in January)
  • Work on a design document for my first downloadable game (more on that later)

I could do a whole other set of goals for Piqqem, but I’ll leave that for the bosses and just focus on making my stuff work great (though we’ll be having a planning meeting sometime after everyone on the team gets back to California).